Travel Diary | 6 Months in Europe

Once Amy arrived back home she found herself with a lot of time and not much direction, which lead to the only logical thing…. to finally piece together all of the videos we made during our time overseas together! It’s not everything we have – there’s still 100 + clips on my camera, but I think she’s done an amazing job!

It makes me smile a lot to look back on, all these places that I just straight out forgot I’d visited, and all these things I hardly think on having done. In some ways, the beginning of this adventure feels timeless – some days I’d say I’d been here 2 months, or 2 decades, or an eternity… before things get too deep and considered, I’d love to know what you think of the compilation! As always, you can let me know below! x

Weekly Inspo | Spring Is Here

tumblr_n84zuweA3V1ra1p3to1_1280[1]And more than that, I really felt it for the first time in forever! Leeds is finally getting into Spring, and might I say it’s glorious.

The mixture of a cool breeze through your hair and the warmth of the sun as it dances across your arms…. honestly, it reminds me so much of home that I took off all my jackets (I assure you it wasn’t that warm! Haha) and walked home much slower than usual. I surprised even myself with how high it lifted my spirits, but I’m glad! The grey days seem to be coming to an end, and whilst they’ve been quite pretty in their own way, I think a little light might do more good.

So this week I’m inspired by all of the flowers starting to pop up, the bright greens, refreshing foods and relaxed vibes that come with the new season – it’s bringing a little bit more playfulness back into my day to day life. x

Palm Trees

palm-tree[4]These are actually from way back in December, when I went to Rome over Christmas! Seems like an age ago to be honest, so much has changed, but looking back on these makes me smile because there’s nothing quite like going on holiday with just you and your sister.

I miss Amy a lot, mostly because I’ve found that no matter how much you distract yourself or how tough you think you might be, there are always going to be days when your shoulders feel a little heavier, and could probably share the weight! Not to mention she’s one of the few people in this world who truly knows me, who I can say anything to and laugh for hours on end with.

As it so happens, this dress was also a gift from her for Christmas, and probably the most flattering dress I have in my wardrobe at the moment. The cut is as close as you can get without being tight, and though I do have to wear gym shorts underneath (maintenance of dignity is always important ;) ), I think it’s a great piece that would flatter a lot of body types! I can’t wait to wear it with black espadrilles in the summer. x