stripe[16]- Boots; Juju. Dress; Topshop. Bag; Colette. Hat; Ally Fashion. Lipstick; Ultra. -

Originally I wanted to call this post Riviera, but then I thought, no. Stop. Keep that title for when I actually go to France, and can style the entire look differently! And what does that mean? ….. I GOT ACCEPTED INTO LEEDS. I’m going overseas on exchange! Woooo! This is such a big change in my life, it’s an opportunity I’ve been dreaming about for so long now, it hardly feels real! It’s honestly the most incredible thing, and no doubt will be the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced – to be away from my parents, brother, cat, friends and normal life for nearly half a year… but I think it will be worth it!

Last night I booked one of the Disney hotel’s in Disneyland Paris, and I’ve been trolling through the Contiki itinerary and working out my student accommodation and just everything is coming together in a way that I could only describe with one word; chaos. But no matter, I’m beyond excited! I think I forgot to mention my sister is studying there too, so it will be a very big adventure and one that I couldn’t imagine sharing with anyone else! I guess that means in about 6 weeks time Regally Blonde will be based in the UK instead of Australia! xx

P.S – Check out my latest YouTube video here, I went on an adventure!

I Thought I Saw A Pussycat

pussycat[13]- Shoes; Topshop. Overalls (Old); Valley Girl. Top + Cat Ears; Ally Fashion. Bag; Colette. Rings; Topshop & Six. -

And you know what, I’d wager you did! These cat ears are the newest item to pop into my closet, much to the amusement of my parents! I guess I’ll never really grow up, but look how cute they are! To bring them back to my daily life though I attempted to take advantage of the minimal metal frame and keep the entire look fresh and monochrome. It moves the headpiece away from childish, and a little closer to quirky (that’s totally justifiable, right? ;) ).

Contradictory to this I guess overalls could be classified as childish….but not in my eyes! And because I like to make random jumps I thought I’d share with you a song I have on repeat: Cigarettes and Chocolate by Chet Faker. Smooth, rich and very relaxing is how I’d describe it. It’s one of those songs that just puts you in a fresh and serene mood! Anyone else have any picks like that? Let me know below, I’ve been a little quieter lately and so have you guys – I’ve missed hearing from you! xx

Favourites | July

july[11]Hiya! These are just some favourites I wanted to share with you, as we head into the crisp, fresh and cold to the bone part of winter! I’m pretty much a big fan of transitioning summer pieces across into the cooler months, it’s a great way to make sure you get full use of your wardrobe and save some money! At the moment I’m all about keeping the colours monochrome and clean in terms of cut. Aztecs, mesh and crochet are really big textures that I think work all year round.

In keeping with the black and white theme, my free runs have become absolutely essential. Given they’re black and white I can wear them at work, with jeans going out or skins if I’m feeling a little more active. They’re just an awesome, versatile shoe that means I can finally wear runners and not be totally embarrassed! Scented candles are also a must for me this month, they’re a simple way to help clear my head and take a deep breath.

And because I like to save the best till last, it’s my triangle bra! If you know me at all then you’d know I’ve been on the hunt for one of these for the best part of a year. But they’re all so expensive! Then my sister showed me this one from Cotton On Body, and it was only 20 dollars! I plan to go back and snap up the other colours later in the week (likely after pay day.. haha!). The triangle bra, for me, is the only exception to the rule of keeping your underwear, well… under. x

Black X White

blackxwhite[9]- Total Ally Fashion look. Shoes; Nike. Bag; Colette. -

Ponchos are pretty much a lifestyle choice. You either wear them, and live your life in the knowledge that you own a poncho, or you never have one at all! Obviously I live the poncho life. Haha! I love them because they’re about as close as I’ll get to wearing a cape without looking like I’ve stepped out of a renaissance fair. Not only that, but I think ponchos are slowly becoming kimonos, becoming oversized cardigans… it’s all just one big, warm winter trend that I’ve found myself embracing! I fell in love with the print and fringe detail on this one, plus it’s that really nice brushed to heaven-softness kind of material. I’m just going to put there I didn’t even look in the mirror before I bought it (read: reckless).

I also picked up these new ripped jeans that also have holes in them, how silly the concept is to be honest! But I just love how casual and edgy they make any outfit look, plus these ones have elastic cuffs at the bottom which makes me feel like I could almost  be in track pants… can you tell it’s very cold and dark here in Australia? Motivation for fashion has faded slightly! Regardless, if you follow me on Instagram (@gemma.lawrence, or click the link here) you’ll know I’ve been loving this outfit so much I wore it twice… in a row… with the same people… uploaded on social media. Absolutely no shame. On that note, have an awesome weekend! :) x