Wish List | August

augustfaces - CopyThis is called favourites but honestly, it’s more of a wish list! These are just some things that I’ve been looking at, loving and ultimately lusting over this August! I think the headphones would be perfect (particularly for my impending 22 hour flight), and the bikini really requires no explanation! Smock dresses are always the right decision (with tights and a cute pair of boots or converse it’s pretty much a go-to winter outfit for me) and ASOS has an amazing variety! If any of you have anything on the list let me know below, or alternatively I’d love to know what you’ve been dreaming about owning this month! xx

(from left to right)

Black Neon & Yellow Flash Bikini // Triangl
Taylor Oil Slick Headphones // Frends
MOTO Salt and Pepper Jamie Jeans // Topshop
Peacock Parade Dye // Dare
‘Hello there, Sailor’ wordy sunglasses // River Island
Dress In Large Gingham Print // ASOS

The birds are actually a small tattoo design I’ve been entertaining… though I’m almost certain I’d not be able to get one. Something that sticks with you forever requires more thought than a scroll through Tumblr at 1 in the morning! ;)

Waiting Game

waiting-game[10]- Shoes; Windsor Smith. Socks; Topshop. Playsuit + Hat; Ally Fashion. Bag; ASOS. Rings; Six. -

This post is after a song by Banks that is so incredible for getting you in the zone, and there’s some great cinematography elements in the clip too! Insignificant explanations aside, I really wanted to show to you guys the new playsuit I bought that looks exactly like this one from Spell, except mine is a third of the price! It’s just a lightweight, comfortable piece that I know will be perfect for summer, which I’m clearly mourning (just in case the socks and sandals didn’t tip you off! ;) Haha).

The post is also called Waiting Game because that’s what I feel like at the moment! I’m just waiting… waiting to finish work and leave my life, waiting to hop onto that plane and waiting for something to happen. If I could show you a photo of how I feel at the moment, it would be a picture of someone on a cliff edge. I constantly change from wanting to leap and jump, or turn back around and walk to what is safe and familiar. I guess at least if I jump then I might soar. x

She Sells Sea Shells

sea-shells[14] - Copy- Shoes; Windsor Smith. Jeans; Topshop. Top; Ally Fashion. Bra/crop worn underneath; Cotton On. Bag; New Look. –

I’m not going to lie, that was difficult even for me to type! Haha. Of course, I was missing the best line – by the sea shore! Which is where I was the other day. Winter in Australia kind of goes in two directions, it’s either dark and pouring down or it’s so sunny and beautiful until you step outside and feel the chill hit you. You have to admire the deceptiveness of a clear, blue sky.

Anyway, because I was very clearly under the impression it would be much warmer outside than it was, I chucked on my new favourite piece in my wardrobe; a flare, crochet/lace top! The sleeves were what drew my eye and kept it. Flare sleeves are coming back in style and I couldn’t be more excited, it’s basically the best way to live out my LOTR fantasy without looking like I’ve stepped out from a time machine. Underneath the top I went with a super minimal mesh bra from Cotton On Body that I find to be vaguely reminiscent of swimwear (Triangl in particular!). The rest you can see for yourself!

P.S – I’m only just getting over being ill now and I swear no matter how much concealer I pile on you can still tell I haven’t slept straight/eaten well for days, so please excuse my mess of a face! x


tartan[9]- Shoes; Lipstik. Jeans; Topshop. Top (super old); F21. Bag; ASOS. -

Tartan is a great signal to those who know me that I’m feeling good! It’s just a print that generally puts me in a lovely, serene and chilled state of mind. But interestingly enough, this time it’s not the tartan that put me there, it’s my latest obsession! Please tell me someone on here has seen the movie/read the book, Divergent? I AM LITERALLY DYING. It was that awesome! The plot, the relationship between Tris and Four (the chemistry is so on point) and it’s just been so long since I’ve sat down and watched a really decent movie. Not only this, but it got me back on track with a part of my life I’d lost amongst all the chaos; reading. I hadn’t actually read a physical book in so long, I’d forgotten how marvellous it feels to carry another world around in your hands!

Did anyone else like the film? Has anyone else read the book? Which faction would you fit into best, do you feel? Did anyone else find Four hot? So many questions but I’d love to get some answers, I need to share this enthusiasm with someone! Haha :) x