Choc Chip & Custard Scrolls

choc-custard-scroll[4]If you’ll recall not so long ago I was discussing a health kick…. so, unfortunately these scrolls weren’t all for me!

Basically, one key thing I’ve found that’s made me happy is to always be busy. If I’m not at university or work, with friends or working on my blog, then other past times I’ve discovered include fitness regimes and baking (incidentally the two probably don’t go hand in hand! Haha). I’ve not ever taken much interest in cooking before, but having put a little money and time aside each week I’ve found it to be almost therpuetic! Now midnight scrolls (pun intended) on are becoming something of a regular event. The other week I came across this easy and yummy recipe, substituting the passionfruit for Choc Chip because Josh doesn’t like most fruit.

Perfect to heat up in the oven for breakfast if you’re feeling naughty, or as a sweet treat to brighten up what would’ve been an otherwise healthy day ;)

Check out the recipe here, as an aside – I used a good old wooden spoon instead of a blender, so no stress if you don’t have one! x

Weekly Inspo | Back to Basics

tumblr_nkfou4HhTy1qdsqp6o1_540[1]I’m beginning this week with a renewed determination to make my health kick last and pair back my wardrobe! It was close to a month ago that I realised if I wasn’t happy with my body then I needed to do something about it. A poor lifestyle meant that nearly every day I would find myself bloated and wishing I was more toned. I’m certain the only reason I remained slender is because of a. stress and b. the minimal amount of time I actually had to sit down and eat!

Now that I’m living independently I’ve become more motivated than ever to change things up. My ready meals and chocolate have been gone for 3 weeks now (okay so one sneaky bag of MnM’s still hides in my cupboard!) and instead I’ve been trying to cook and prepare my own meals with fresh meats, vegetables and fruit. The difference is honestly incredible, just the sheer increase in energy is something I can’t go back on now –  so I need to keep my determination at an all time high (trying to make it through a 30 hour working week + uni + daily exercise on junk food just wasn’t working for me, but old habits do die hard).

I’m not only excited to be going back to basics on my diet, but also my wardrobe! Sometimes no fuss with simple monochrome tones and a limit of 3 pieces can really lift a poor girl’s spirit, and keep me feeling fresh and comfortable for the day ahead.

An Explanation

So I’ve reached a point where I’m having to make a lot of big decisions. The first one I made was to stay in the UK for a further 6 months, and the second was to give a chance to a relationship that I care about a lot. Naturally, the next choices coming up are going to be even more daunting – what happens now? What am I doing and where am I going?

Something that has occurred to me is that I absolutely loved blogging. Like, it was a massive part of my life and something I dedicated myself to because it’s a passion. With the amount of stress I’ve been under over the last couple of months, I have forgotten about my passions. Only recently when careers started entering my mind did I recall, this is what I really enjoyed doing! Blogging is a key element of what I want to do. And it makes me sad to realise that I’ve been neglecting something I care so deeply about.

Hopefully I can start back up with the posts again, though it will be hard without Amy to take the photos for me, so the content may have to differ. But I think that could be a good thing too, I now have more things to bring to the table that don’t necessarily require a Nikon – experiences and advice that I know I couldn’t find a lot of when I decided to first leave home and travel to the UK.

I guess the reason I’m writing this is to force myself to delve back into one of the strongest goals I have – to enjoy the things I do in life, stay creative and driven. x

Twice As Nice

layered[2]In my absence a lot has happened. Firstly, I finally made what I believe to be the right decision… to stay in Leeds for another semester! After goodness knows how many emails, phone calls, angry mutterings and random bursts of crying (the stress of admin incompetence and the time difference got to me a bit), I’ve finally achieved my goal!

Of course, as soon as I realised this it became pretty obvious that I didn’t have the funds to stay without some assistance from my parents. This is definitely hard for me to take, as I dislike owing money, feel awful to have to borrow from them and even more awful that I had plenty of money myself which I spent very quickly because I thought I’d only be staying half a year! It’s worth it though, by becoming more conscious of my budget, slashing out things I don’t need and applying for jobs (fingers crossed) I’m turning this into a challenge rather than a setback –  this is not to mention that I’m eternally grateful for their support, they’ll never understand how much more I can breathe knowing that I’m over here feeling as though I have them behind me.

I’m also so excited to keep creating a life here! Unfortunately the hardest part is yet to come, because Amy won’t be staying with me. This means in a few weeks time I have to say good bye to my twin and partner in crime for close to 7 months! But hey, that’s what Skype is for. x