Lord Voldemort

lordvoldemort[14]- Shoes; Converse. Shorts; Topshop. Top; Skreened. Bag; Colette. – Bracelet; Thomas Sabo. -

I confess myself, disappointed. DISAPPOINTED in anyone who doesn’t understand the greatness of this shirt! I picked it up from Skreened yonks ago and I’m telling you – Harry Potter puns are eternal! Of course, the outfit wasn’t complete without a pen tattoo of the Deathly Hallows (I don’t think there’s even a level for this amount of swag! Haha). Anyway, instead of yabber on about things I thought I’d just share my favourite passage from HP – please tell me there are some fellow fans out there reading! I’d love to know your favourite quote, and/or which house you’d be in! I did the quiz on Pottermore when it first came out, in my opinion the only reliable test, and I was placed Slytherin…. but I guess that would come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Haha!

*15 minutes later* Wow this is  harder than I thought! There are so many great quotes! :( Okay it’s a toss up between “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” and “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”  and about twenty thousand other excerpts.. x

Double Denim

doubletrouble[1]- Shoes; Windsor Smith. Jeans; Ally Fashion. Shirt + Sunglasses; ASOS. Bra; Cotton on Body. Clutch; Colette. -

Hiya! Happy days, it’s nearly the end of the week! A little earlier I decided to throw on a double denim look for something different. I actually don’t own any matching sets at all, so this is the closest I’ll get to co-ords for quite some time I think! I liked it though, the whole outfit felt very casual and comfortable but with that underlying sense of urban freshness. Yes, I did just eat a Thesaurus for breakfast.

Moving on from that, a short time ago I was contacted in regards to a style quiz for River Island to be put on their blog. It’s not live on the site as of yet, but you can view the project via this link here on the Spotlight Report! Let me know below if you take the quiz and how you go, I’d love to know what you think of the get-up I styled (I had the theme grunge…. with a mix of Tumblr, Cara Delevigne street style shots and a strong black coffee I’d say I was in my element).

Before I leave you I wanted to share something I realised a few nights ago; that it isn’t the loneliness, time away from my normal life and familiars, or physical distance that upsets me most about exchange. It’s the fact that once I leave, I can never again be the person I once was. With all those views, that daily routine and sense of self, it’s gone the moment I leave step outside my house on September 3rd. And whilst that is the most exciting prospect, it’s also very scary! I love my job and where I’m at, and I’ve always thought that I was living, but I have a feeling that once I travel I’ll find out what it is to be truly to be ever-changing and alive. x

Instagram | @gemma.lawrence

blackxwhite[7]So I kind of went for a long time where I uploaded on a private Instagram because I was a bit embarrassed to show my own life and wardrobe to the people I know, which is as stupid as it sounds. But not so long ago I decided, enough is enough! And I now only use my actual Instagram account to upload all manner of outfits, adventure pictures, heavily edited selfies and, on occasion, some of my writing. Okay, I lie. My writing usually gets uploaded as swiftly as it is deleted, I’m not quite there yet! But anyway, I’d love it if you would like to chuck me a follow as I’ll throw you one right back, not to mention the value of ‘moral support for social media.’ Check me out here! xx

Dior Lips

diorlips[13]- Shoes; Topshop. Shorts; Bardot. Top; Ally Fashion. Bag; Colette. Sunglasses; Valley Girl. Lipstick; Christian Dior. -

You know, I’m a little sad the colour of this fabulous lipstick didn’t show up better in the photos! It’s this totally awesome silvery-pale-pink-shimmer kind of colour that pops so well against the white! Unfortunately the lighting just wasn’t awesome enough to capture it, but there you go! I used to never be a lipstick kind of person (read this post here), but have recently been a little converted! I think it’s because I’ve been wearing so much black and white lately that I’ve found the easiest way to pop in some colour is with a bright lippy! I still am a little uncomfortable with it though, as I have very dry lips (thanks to the skin pills) and my teeth aren’t Hollywood white, but baby steps! Follow me here on Instagram if you’d like to see some pics!