Stripes and Sighs

stripes[14]It’s that time of semester again, where it feels like all of a sudden this pile of assignments has just crept up behind me out of nowhere! And that only calls for one thing – stripes, a lot of sighs and a hell of a lot of coffee. I think when things get tough you know stripes are a print you can always rely on, they’re simple, a staple, sensational… (clearly running out of s words for my alliteration) and just generally a flexible print! It’s also super motivational (Oh no, I snuck in another) where every time I look at my top I’m like ‘this is the amount of lines I have to write.’

I kid, of course, but honestly – when things get serious then I have to be up and dressed ready for a long day of concentration. My pyjamas will only carry me so far, which as it happens is not even out my bedroom! Haha. More than that though, I think when you’re trying to be academic you have to feel academic, which is why I polished up an otherwise casual look with a chunky heel and dash of lipstick.

And finally, not to sound like a broken record but I have to point out this is the last outfit post featuring my nearish-waist length hair :( Eek! I went for the chop (see what it looks like on my Instagram here!) and by God I think I love it, but I’m still in the honeymoon faze of ‘I have different hair, it feels so light and soft now…” so we’ll just have to wait and see.

If I don’t wake up in tears tomorrow lamenting my longer locks then I’d say it’s a win. x

Why It’s Okay To Window Shop

window-shopping[11]The other week I was browsing through Topshop with absolutely no budget – the dream! Right? Except that by no budget I mean literally no budget, I walked in to the store knowing I shouldn’t buy anything, not a thing I decided proudly! But then I saw that pair of jeans I’ve been wanting for ages, and my sister convinced me that if I wear them enough it’s worth it… and I convinced myself that because I’d seen them on a cool girl on Instagram the jeans would, by default, make me cool (I guess high school never leaves you completely! Haha), and before you know it I’ve swiped my card, they’re in the bag and I’m walking out convinced they’ll go perfect with my guilty smile.

Honestly, anyone who knows me will know that if there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s shopping. I love making a list, going into a store and organising my life through my purchases! But if there’s two things I’ve learnt it’s this; if you’re on a budget for a reason, a serious reason – like say… I only have that much money until my bank is cleared completely – then you have to stick with it, and there’s no ifs or buts or Marc Jacob’s perfume sale about it! You know why? Because the second reason is this; the guilt I feel after making a big, and not entirely necessary purchase, really isn’t worth it. I sit around for ages thinking about how I shouldn’t have bought them and what I’ll be cutting out to bring back the balance (red meat and fresh bread, I don’t need those!?). Despite my best efforts I’ve become everything my parents hoped I would be in that I care a fair bit about my money. I care about understanding it’s value and most importantly, knowing when I can spend and when I can’t.

Thus, welcome to the wonderful world of window shopping! “It’s boring to not buy anything” “It’s tiring to get dragged round to shop after shop” “You’re just tempting yourself unfairly!” These are some of the slogans that accompany the activity of gazing longingly through the glass at something you can’t have. But let’s put a positive spin on that. It’s not boring or tiring to shop without buying, in fact - it’s really quite liberating.


mustard[22]Good morning! I’m hoping everyone is well, I’m feeling quite jolly at the moment – some classic Christmas songs came on in Topshop yesterday and since then my mood hasn’t dropped! There’s honestly no other time in the year like Christmas, and I’m more than excited to be spending it in the winter season! So far Amy and I haven’t decided where we’d like to be exactly… definitely Ireland for New Year’s, but during the holiday itself we’re considering maybe Rome or Vienna. If you’ve been there I’d love to hear about it!

Basically, this outfit is all about simple colours and cosy layers. For the past week or so there’s been a massive hold up for me creatively, and when that happens I end up getting terribly frustrated and grumpy, and start putting on outfits that belong in a very dark room with only myself to occupy it! I think sometimes the harder you push the worse it gets, so when I pulled things back to basics I instantly felt at ease.

P.S – Quick fact for you, I’ve recently been absolutely inspired by the Fendi bag bugs (totally millions of seasons ago in the fashion world, I know), but obviously don’t have a spare 300 pounds lying around screaming ‘small crazy haired toy to clip on my bag’ – any extra cash usually screams ‘food you need to survive’ haha! – so I found a great alternative. This is a little purse I picked up from New Look for Halloween that cost me 5 pounds. SO, meet Salem, my pet purse cat who now joins me on all my adventures!  x

Earth Magic

earth[15]Because nothing brings out an impromptu snap-session like a carpet of the softest grass, the sound of crashing waves and a wind so strong it could blow you off your feet. You have to adore that earth magic. Speaking of, here was the inspiration behind these shots, taken as ever by my twin, Amy;

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair.”

P.S – Hold your horses and put anything valuable far away from yourself because I have some news to drop…. tomorrow/the day after I’m getting my hair cut. And I mean seriously cut. If you can’t already tell by the photos, it’s getting a little unfavourable at the ends! I think this is a great opportunity to try something new. It’ll be the first time I haven’t had long hair since I was in early high school and it may seem trivial, but it’s a massive decision. I always said I would never let scissors anywhere near it…Here we go! x