disneyland1So I can now officially tell you all that Disneyland is in fact the happiest place on Earth. It’s a place where you can just relax and be a child again, and honestly if the 24/7 sound of classic Disney music doesn’t make you smile then I don’t know what would!

Unfortunately Amy and I were still totally wiped out from the Contiki experience so the edges were a little blurry ;) But some highlights include the Space Mountain rollercoaster, shopping in the Vintage Disney Boutique, enjoying retro milkshakes at midnight and, of course, the Disney Dreams show! It’s a spectacular display of fireworks and cleverly projected images (God I sound as though I work there!) that would entertain absolutely anyone of any age. I also secretly really enjoyed some of the “may frighten children” attractions like the dragon at the bottom of the castle and the haunted mansion! Haha.  x

This Is London

london15Wow! So basically I’ve compiled the best shots of London that I took a couple of weeks ago now. London was difficult to love to be honest – it’s a stunning city with an awful lot to do, but everyone is either in a rush or a tourist, and the weather constantly looks like it’s going to rain. Regardless though it was an awesome place where Amy and I were able to find our feet after having just left Australia. We went on the London Eye, saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. We also enjoyed a cruise down the river Thames, and  a super fun shopping day at Oxford st. One of my favourite mornings was spent strolling, people watching and window shopping along Bond St! At any rate I definitely cannot wait to go back, there’s still so many more places I want to see! x

I’m Back

Woo! And I’m back! Two weeks has gone by and I honestly feel as though it’s been years. I have so many photos and moments I want to share with you guys, it’s just that being constantly on the move has left me more than a little drained. Nonetheless, I wanted to pop on here to let you know I’m not going into a complete stop, just a temporary one while I pull myself together.

Basically, Contiki was everything I ever wanted and more, some of the highlights being the family I made whilst travelling on the tour, white water rafting and paragliding in Austria, drunken conversations at 3 in the morning where we found ourselves in the most random of places (an Irish pub in the heart of Germany), my first kiss in Paris and plenty more! It was an adventure that left me both totally sleep deprived and yet somehow feeling more awake than ever!

Then it was on to Disneyland Paris which really is one of the happiest places on Earth (I type this whilst hugging my Pluto cushion and wearing my Micky Mouse PJ’s). And now here I am…. in Leeds. It’s not all been smiles though, people don’t always tell you how and up and down it is being away from home. On the one hand I want nothing more than that familiarity and routine… on the other, I can’t imagine going back there now. xxx

At the Gate

at-the-gate[12]- Shoes; Windsor Smith. Pants + Hat; Ally Fashion. Top; ASOS. Bag; Vintage. -

I was going to call this The Black Gate, but I thought it might be a little too obvious for all my LOTR fans out there! This gate is obviously much more ornate, could likely not withstand an army of men and doesn’t hold anything too horrible beyond it except a sign asking visitors to refrain from photography (oops too late! Haha).

This outfit is nothing ground-breaking really, just a great pair of tribal print pants, swanky sandals and a crop. A very light and happy-go-lucky summer combination! x

P.S – Having my hair in two plaits brings back memories of Primary school, but it just felt like the perfect updo for such a lazy, carefree day! Also, welcome to the easiness of scheduled posting! :)