nautical[11]- Shoes; New Look. Socks + Coat; Topshop. Dress; H&M. Bag; ASOS. -

Morning! I write this post from the comfort of my flatmates bed where I’m currently curled up in and never leaving because she has about twenty thousand cushions and blankets and last night was kind of a late one! A group of us went out to this bar that was absolutely packed, and then the night before we were out clubbing too… and today it’s meant to be a pub crawl before finishing the weekend off with our local clubbing night on Monday. Let’s just say my sleeping routine is totally off! Haha. At any rate, I’m hoping that means today I can get some rest in and maybe finish some homework (maybe?).

Since I’m quite tired I don’t have much clever to say except that I’ve recently discovered how easy it is to curl my hair with a curling wand and now I can never look back, it takes my hair from being quite boring and flat to lively in seconds, and I didn’t even have to look up a tutorial on YouTube! x

Camden Market

camden[1]So aside from the Harry Potter tour the other highlight of my weekend was a visit to Camden markets! I’ve never really been that into markets myself, they always appeared to be overcrowded and filled with random bits and pieces. I’ve now come to appreciate that the crowd only adds to that eclectic atmosphere that sets your mind buzzing, and if you look closely at all the things for sale then there are actually a number of trinkets up for grabs!

I managed to pick up some really lovely and unique pieces of jewellery (the choker was in my last outfit post), as well as a couple of tops that I’m sure will pop up on here soon! It’s definitely somewhere I’d recommend, even if you only spend a couple of hours, Camden Lock is just a great place to chill out, have a scavenge and hopefully find some treasure. At the very least the food market smelt absolutely divine! x

When In Westminster

-westminster[26] – Shoes; Converse. Jeans; Topshop. Shirt; F21. Jumper; H&M. Sunglasses; New Look. Bag; ASOS. Bracelet; Camden Market. -

So this week is going to be a little hectic I think, I’m being somewhat overwhelmed by homework and presentations, and I’m losing myself even more when it comes to outfit inspiration! I want to be motivated and creative but having hardly any of my clothes and being constantly tired is making it a little tricky… you end up in this rut where you wear the same thing day after day. It’s comfortable, but really uninspiring and it definitely brings out the lazy side of me. This post here marks the first time since arriving in Leeds where I’ve actually done my hair and bothered to wear something that makes me feel good – it’s all a bit up and down though. But no matter, tomorrow I’m ducking to the shops (including my first ever time thrift shopping!) where I’ll hopefully be able to pick up a few basics to increase the versatility of my wardrobe. Any suggestions would be more than welcome! x

Harry Potter Studios | Part I

harrypotter1[13]Woo! A very good morning to everyone! I’m sitting in my room back in Leeds at the moment, curled up in my bed with a gingerbread coffee looking back through all these photos that captured one of the absolute best weekends! As you know, Amy and I headed down to London to meet up with my good friend Zoe who’s studying at Westminster! On day 1 after a five hour bus ride that started at 5AM we headed straight out to the Warner Bros Studios for the Harry Potter tour! Now…. I would tell you about how awesome it was, but I think the fact that I need two posts kind of says it all.

Seriously, the tickets are pricey but entirely worth it! We spent a total of 6 hours there wondering around and I didn’t feel hungry even once, so obviously it was pretty enrapturing! Just seeing all of the sets and props in person made me appreciate the art of cinema so much more. It really was a once in a lifetime experience and to indulge in a cliché… absolutely magical! Part II will be posted very soon, once I get around to the hundreds of other photos! x