Be Somebody

be-somebody[1]Not long till Christmas now, guys! I hope you’re singing carols under your breathe and dusting off your Christmas jumpers because before you know it, BOOM. Santa’s come and gone, kind of like the year! It’s incredible to me to think that we’re closing in on the end of 2014. Usually I’m on holidays around this time, so I think the Uni schedule has messed with my mind a little.

Having said that, my parents sent Amy and I a package of gifts to open on the 25th, so that’s brought a bit of cheer! Other than that, I’ve enjoyed a couple of the loveliest Christmas dinners with some of the funniest, friendliest people I know here in Leeds. It’s really made me feel like I have a home away from home, and so I won’t lie; it seems I change my mind every time I post, but all I can think about is when I’ll be back. A small part of me really wishes that I was here for the whole academic year. Scratch that, a large part. I’ve adapted so well to this more independent life, which is something I just can’t have in Australia – guilty as charged, I live with my parents – because if I chose to move out then I wouldn’t be able to save enough to travel again. And without talking about things I probably definitely should not be mentioning, let’s just say I’ve got at least one good reason to stay.

Moving on, the outfit! Oversized t-shirts are something I can’t get enough of, they’re comfortable and some of the prints are super quirky! This awesome one is from Antwerp Mansion, a semi-ruin turned renovation-project just outside of Leeds that plays home to a number of talented musicians and artists. To try and capture those oh-so-creepy-but-cool Victorian vibes I went for all black trimmings, and a sneaky pair of midnight blue lace shorts.. *winks* unfortunately the shirt isn’t mine, so I will have to hand it back (maybe!) Haha.

Oh and before I leave you! I’d love to hear how you guys are celebrating Christmas, and what you do on the actual day – reading all the different traditions makes me smile! x

The Highlands | Day One

highlands-day1[12]The other weekend Amy and I woke up early in Edinburgh to hop onto a tour bus that would take us around the rest of Scotland. Ever since stumbling across the likes of Wuthering Heights during my younger years, and the history of the Highland clans in my later ones, I have to say I had very dramatic expectations in mind. The land certainly didn’t disappoint!

Highland Experience were the tour company that drove us through the country (cheers to Steve, a very friendly, funny and knowledgeable guide!) to incredible locations like Glen Coe and Fort Augustus – the last of which may be best known by the body of water it is situated near; Loch Ness. To articulate the sense of rawness and wild serenity of the Scottish countryside… I sat there on the coach trying to think of a word for what felt like an age and I still haven’t decided!

The closest I can get is to say that on such a misty day, to stand in the shadows of the Three Sisters and hear nothing but the whistling of the wind and low rumbling of the rain clouds offers you a moment of complete clarity, and gave me the boost I needed to propel myself back into the curious side of life! x


leopard[27]Merry December to everyone reading! Thank goodness we’re finally far enough into the Christmas season that I can wear festive jumpers and play carols all day long with almost no judgement (apparently there is actually a limit on the amount of times you can play a Mariah Carey song). To get in the mood for the jolly weeks ahead Amy and I have been wrapping gift after gift ready to send back to the family, and decorated our flat with some tinsel and snowflakes – it looks tragic, but better than nothing! Haha.

Other than that the days have been quiet… heading into exam period soon means I now live at the library instead of the flat, and am generally trying to keep things on the chill side (‘stress less’ and all that jazz), which by default means no more travelling till Christmas now! I’m actually a little relieved to be staying in the same place and making the most of it though, since I can feeling the end of semester looming I can also feel the end of this experience well on its way. I know I won’t actually be flying home until February, but the break up of University signals the parting of ways for a number of the friends I’ve made here. And of course, it won’t be the same once I’m out of the education system and back to freestyle travelling…

*takes  a moment to seriously compose myself* No I kid, I’m not a sobbing mess just yet! It’s easier if I think of leaving as always moving forward, not to mention I already have plans to return later next year!

And I guess now that I’ve blabbered on about totally random personal things I should probably mention the scarf you see before you! These scarves/blankets/capes/ponchos/you name it, are quite possibly the best trend for winter I’ve ever encountered! I doubled it over for extra thickness, and despite being in a t-shirt actually stayed surprisingly warm. And naturally you can never go wrong with a touch of leopard! ;)


P.S – For anyone who read my window shopping post (HERE)… these are the cool jeans I bought! Haha.

Fight For Positive Body Image

bodyimageYou know the drill, you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and feel absolutely awful about yourself.
You know the drill, the next morning you wake up, look in the mirror and feel pretty good about yourself.

And we’ve all read that god damn quote – “you have to love yourself before you can love or be loved by anyone else.”

So why can’t we do it? Well first of all, I have something to say about the above statement – it’s not true! I think to try and put on people that unless you’re confident then everything you’re insecure about might happen is simply horrid. Take that approach to positive body image and throw it out the window. If someone really loves you, then they’ll love you flaws and all, no matter how much time it takes you for you to accept them.

I’m not saying that it’s okay to harbour bitter feelings toward your body, I just don’t believe you can tell people, in black and white, that you have to be at peace with yourself in order to find somebody else. You know why you should love yourself? Not for anybody else, not because a quote on Tumblr told you so, but because that’s what you deserve.