You Can Never Know the Odds

derbyshire[16]You know that feeling? The one you get before you leave a place you know you’ll see again one day? That’s how I felt when we drove away from our small cottage in Derbyshire. It was situated so perfectly at the top of the hill, overlooking an impossibly green and vast landscape.

It rained constantly while we were there, and during the rare times it wasn’t pouring down the air always gave you the feeling it was just about to, which I loved.

Nothing is more relaxing and reassuring to the soul than curling up in a warm bed, away from cold winds and fierce weather. Although it can be just as wonderful to be out in the thick of it – our hiking day being one of the most memorable. Or perhaps that late morning swim. And on the final night we had the most amazing takeaway curry that could likely have fed the entire town (yes, I did eat it all! Haha).

It’s weird to think how easily one can forget about these things. We’re all so wrapped up in trying to keep an eye on the present and the future, and are told so often that there is no point focusing on our past. Whilst I agree with the sentiment that you should not look back, I think that most rules are made to be broken, and every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of the journey, and the good things that have happened to you. It’s one of the ways I can convince myself that there is more good to come. x

Back in Melbourne

It feels a little odd to be back I have to say! I was in England for close to a year, and having only just arrived home a couple of weeks ago I’ve already noticed a difference. Many of the things I was interested in no longer hold any appeal for me. I don’t feel the same connection I once did with some of my friends, and it has taken a lot of tears and breakdowns to accept that I’m here for now.

I know what you’re thinking – it doesn’t sound like much of a homecoming? Well there have been great things too! I never realised how much I missed the love and ease of my family, having a shower in a clean space or knowing that the chicken I’m eating is fully cooked (it always felt very fifty/fifty! Haha).

The hardest part about all of this is that I’m quite sensitive to my environment…. when it’s grey and cold I’m far more likely to feel unhappy and boxed in. When someone close to me is having a bad day, it amplifies all of my own problems. This has made landing in a country only half-familiar to me a little harder than I imagined. It’s still my home, but now it’s not my only home. And over these next five months I have a lot to consider, but I think it’s important I remind myself that my return presents an opportunity.

It goes without saying that I left a part of my heart back in England, with some very special people and places. But let’s put that positive attitude back in its place, and just say that despite all the ups and downs I’m enjoying being here! There’s a lot I need to do this semester – like, I don’t know… graduate? Eek! Not ready for the real world, but so bored of my uni studies. What’s a girl to do? x

Palm Trees

palm-tree[4]These are actually from way back in December, when I went to Rome over Christmas! Seems like an age ago to be honest, so much has changed, but looking back on these makes me smile because there’s nothing quite like going on holiday with just you and your sister.

I miss Amy a lot, mostly because I’ve found that no matter how much you distract yourself or how tough you think you might be, there are always going to be days when your shoulders feel a little heavier, and could probably share the weight! Not to mention she’s one of the few people in this world who truly knows me, who I can say anything to and laugh for hours on end with.

As it so happens, this dress was also a gift from her for Christmas, and probably the most flattering dress I have in my wardrobe at the moment. The cut is as close as you can get without being tight, and though I do have to wear gym shorts underneath (maintenance of dignity is always important ;) ), I think it’s a great piece that would flatter a lot of body types! I can’t wait to wear it with black espadrilles in the summer. x